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Harnessing Human Power in Nonprofit Marketing

Visit any nonprofit HQ and you probably won't see any thumb twiddling or water cooler chatting. With nonprofits being notoriously overworked and understaffed, humanpower is one of an NGO’s most valuable resources, both for programming and admin work. That’s why so many nonprofits leverage volunteer hours to help amplify their impact.

But volunteers are for cleaning up parks, running events, and collecting canned goods, right? Wrong. Digital marketing may not be the first area you’d think of needing volunteers, but volunteers can be a huge digital asset - especially with their expansive social media networks and email contacts.

Increase awareness of your nonprofit online by encouraging your supporters to share your story, brand, and images with their networks. Make it easy for your volunteers by making all the design elements they'll need - including fonts, colors, and logos with a variety of sizes and shapes - available for download on your site. This allows you to maintain consistent branding while making your digital assets available and customizable for your supporters. Whenever you’re promoting your programming, events, or digital fundraising efforts, send a link to your logos and brand kit to your volunteer list and encourage them to spread the word themselves.

And even if your digital volunteers aren’t quite up to making their own marketing materials, you can still harness their networks through social sharing. Encourage all your supporters to share your posts on social media - a single social share raises an estimated $37 in donations. Plus, shared posts extend the reach of a campaign without requiring paid ads that can eat into a limited nonprofit marketing budget.

Got questions? Reach out to us if your nonprofit needs help with digital asset management or peer-to-peer fundraising ideas!

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